MBS clothing is based on balance in Mind Body and Spirit. we do our best to illustrate in our designs the very best of each facet while integrating them uniquely into every piece

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Triple Threat Collection

Triple Threat Collection

This collection features aspects of Mind,Body and Spirit with our logo the... 

Find Your Balance Collection

Find Your Balance Collection

The find your balance collection is dedicated to how different we all... 

  • Eagle Sweater

    MBS front logo sweaters show the brand loud and proud while having mind body spirit along the back with the M,B,S highlighted in dark blue

  • Rugged Tank

    The original MBS Rugged Tank has the ripped look while displaying the logo on the front and Mind Body Spirit written on the back in black

  • Phoenix Combo

    legging with MBS Sweater combo is perfect for girls ready to have a great workout while looking amazing top to bottom